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jeudi 9 janvier 2014


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            Connaitre-To Know
Je Connais
Nous Connaissons
Tu Connais
Vous Connaissez
Il/Elle/On Connait
Ils/Elles Connaissent
                Savoir-To Know
Je Sais
Nous Savons
Tu Sais
Vous Savez
Il/Elle/On Sait
Ils/Elles Savent

Past Participle-Su

Past Participle-Connu

A.        SAVOIR means to know with respect to facts, numbers, and other specific information.

            -Sais-tu la date du concert?               Do you know the date of the concert?
            -Savaient-ils le nom du group?         Did they know the name of the group?
            -Savez-vous quand ils vont arriver? Do you know when they’re going to arrive?

1.      SAVOIR followed by an infinitive means to be able to or to know             
how to do something.

-Vous savez faire du ski?                         Do you know how to ski?
            -Oui. Je sais faire du ski.                     Yes, I know how to ski.

 -Est-ce qu’il savait danser la polka?   Did he know how to dance the polka?
             -Pas du tout. Il ne savait rien faire!   Not at all! He didn’t know how to do                                                                                                           anything!

2.      In the passé compose, SAVOIR means learned or found out.

J’ai su que Jacqueline était malade. I found out/learned that Jacqueline was sick.

B.        CONNAITRE means to know in the sense to be familiar with people or things, to have knowledge of something.
          -Tu connais ce restaurant?        Are you familiar with this restaurant?
          -Oui je le connais assez bien.   Yes I know it rather well.
          -Il connait Sophie longtemps.   He’s known Sophie for a long time.
            Vous connaissez bien la France?  Do you know France well?

1.      In the passé compose CONNAITRE is equivalent to met
Elle a connu son petit ami aure boum.  She met her boyfriend at a party.

2. A more commonly used expression meaning to meet (for the first time) is FAIRE LA CONNAISSANCE DE

J’ai fait la connaissance de Marie à une boum.    I met Marie at a party.

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